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    Our vision is to be a serving church that reaches out into the community as well as to those within the church. With open hearts and minds we welcome everyone into the Love of God through prayer and action.

    We hope that you will find what you are looking for in these pages, and the correct person to contact if you want to go further.

    If you are new to Squirrels Heath All Saints, we would love to get to know you, so please get in touch.

    Church Flower Volunteers

    The flower arrangers provide arrangements and displays each week on a rota, as well as particularly special displays for festivals and big events. No experience necessary and the arrangements and vases can be put in place in less than an hour. Please speak to the Church Warden if you think you might be able to help.

    Prayer Tree

    Before or after any of our services, please feel free to leave a prayer on our Prayer Tree, situated near the Votive Candles (near the pulpit). Each week these prayers will be offered up to God as part of our Intercessions during our mid-week Communion Service.

  • Prayer

    Things to consider about prayer

    • Learning to pray. To pray is to make our hearts ready to experience the love of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Praying regularly will help us to develop a spiritual rhythm. A discipline of prayer changes the way that we think about our lives, because it creates new habits of heart and mind. Prayer opens us more deeply to the transforming grace of God. We enter into God’s presence, allowing the Holy Spirit to pray in us.
    • Services like Morning and Evening Prayer, Prayer during the Day, and Night Prayer are designed so that they can be said by individuals or in a group.
    • But we may often wish to pray by ourselves as we try to share in Christ's prayer to his Father. Whether you are a child, young person or an adult, prayer is easier than you might imagine! Millions of people of every age pray every day.
    • Remember that God hears every prayer—but not all prayers are answered in the way we might expect or desire: we don't always pray for his will to be done! Prayer is a discipline - it can be difficult at times, just like keeping fit, being on a diet, or keeping weeds down in the garden. Little and often is best, but don't give up! No prayer, however inadequate you may feel it to be, is ever wasted or of no value.
    • When should I pray? Traditionally, prayer times have been morning and evening, but you can choose a time which is best for you. It helps to be somewhere quiet, where you can have some time for yourself.
    • What do I need? You might like to set up a special place in which you pray regularly. You might also place an open Bible, a cross, a candle, an icon or another picture, to give the time and space special significance. You don't have to know any prayers if you want to pray - in fact, words can often get in the way. But you may wish to write down or memorise some prayers that speak to you, especially the Lord’s Prayer. You could build up a collection of favourite prayers and sayings and keep a scrapbook.
    • Do I have to kneel? Kneeling is the traditional posture for penitence and standing for praise, but you can pray anywhere - walking, standing, sitting, whatever feels comfortable.
  • Guides/Brownies
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    Brownies 1st Gidea Park (All Saints)

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    Our Brownie Pack was registered in June 1927 which makes it over 90 years old.

    We were the first Pack in the area, hence our name - 1st Gidea Park (All Saints’) and are still going strong!

    We meet every Wednesday in the Church Hall during term-time between 6pm and 7.30pm; Brownies is for girls aged 7 to 10 years old.
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    We play games, have a weekly activity, learn to work independently and as a team.
    Our activities include crafts, cooking, planting and growing, and working towards badges. Recently our badge activities have included trying to smash hard-boiled eggs with various objects to see which one cracks the egg; following signs and trails; making paper aeroplanes; and designing robots.

    Brownies have adventures

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    We join in District activities including Sports Day, Thinking Day and the Rainbow and Brownie Christmas Disco.

    Every year we go on Brownie Holiday (“camp”) for a weekend and spend time outdoors on toboggans, pedal-carts, singing at campfire round a real log fire, playing outside and looking after ourselves.

    We are always having fun, learning new things and making friends.

    Guides is for all girls aged ten to 14

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    Guides challenge themselves and make a difference in their community.
    In Guides you'll get out there and do something really different.
    You'll create your own campaigns, learn and share new skills and fly down the occasional zip wire. You'll explore new places - Guides go on camps, holidays and trips, enjoy exciting events like our star-studded concert the “Big Gig” and our music festival, “Wellies and Wristbands.”
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    Girls at Guides won't be your average friends. They'll be the girls who want to go on adventures with you, who encourage you to try new things and who celebrate when you've pushed yourself to achieve something special.
    As you progress through Guides you'll have a chance to lead small groups and support younger girls to have fun and make friends

    Guides take the lead

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    Guides is a great place to develop your leadership skills - it's a supportive environment and there's a lot you can help with! You might find yourself leading games at Rainbows or helping your Patrol decide which badge to do next as Patrol leader.
    Through planning, communication and teamwork, you will become a role model for others and learn more about yourself.
    You don't need to be loud or super-confident to lead - developing leadership skills is about growing your own confidence too. A supportive space like guiding means you have room to make mistakes, as well as celebrate your achievements. We think all girls can lead in different ways - including you.
  • Sponsorships

    Mission & Ministry Partners

    • Gidea Park, St. Michael,
    • Harold Wood, St. Peter,
    • Harold Hill, St. Paul and
    • Noak Hill, St. Thomas


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Sunday Family Communion service isl held at 10.30am. We hold separate Children's Groups during most Services.

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