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The Harvesters RCCG pre-wedding blessing

These are some photos and a short video from the Harvester RCCG pre-wedding blessing that took place in the Church Hall.

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Photos of preparations for the Christingle Service.

  • Getting in on the action

Photos of last week's Church Parade children's activity for Candlemas.

February 2nd is exactly 40 days after the birth of Jesus Christ and it is on this day that Mary along with Joseph brought forth their newborn son, Jesus, to the Temple. Mary was cleansed on this day. Jesus was presented to the Lord in the Temple on this day. During this time, an elderly holy man named Simeon was staying in Jerusalem. Simeon was told by the Holy Spirit that his death would not come until he saw the Messiah. When Simeon held the baby Jesus, he knew that Jesus had come for the salvation of all. Simeon stated that Jesus was “A light to the revelation of the Gentiles and the glory of thy people of Israel.”

The light was the inspiration for the celebration with candles. It was and still remains to this day, a Christian celebration of the purification of Mary and the first appearance of Jesus in the Temple.
During the early years, people would place their candles outside the church in order to be blessed. They would then carry them in a procession to church in order to imitate the appearance of Jesus in the Temple.

  •  Making candle holders

    Making candle holders

  •  Finished holders

    Finished holders

  •  With electric tealites inside

    With electric tealites inside

Christmas Eve Family Celebration Photo

  •  Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve

Family Parade Service with Nativity & Christingle

  •  Nativity


  •  Altar


  •  Christingle candles

    Christingle candles

  •  Banner


Remembrance Day Service 2019

Flower Festival June 2019

Banners old and new around the Church

Views around the Church


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